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Our policy and adoption process


High quality pets.  We can provide any Frenchie pet you request from our local breeding.  After deposit, and you are still not sure which puppy you want to pick, we can meet in person and let you get know our available babies.



All deposits are non-refundable but you can transfer to another Frenchie.  Preferred method of deposit is through Venmo/Cash App/Apple Pay or cash.  Standard deposit is $500.

Meeting in person:

We are only willing to meet in person after the puppy has had first set of shots (after 6 weeks) at our choice of public venue. We are willing to share as many pictures and videos to help you make a decision for your new family member. We also suggest you visit our Facebook page to read our client reviews. 


We hand deliver our pups worldwide. Delivery fee depends on the price of plane tickets and other related expenses.  Our goal is to assure puppies travel safely and are delivered healthy and happy.

Health Guarantee:

The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale.  The puppy will be up to date on shots and worming at the time of pickup.  It is very important that you continue the vaccinations and worming. Please ask for a copy of our complete written guarantee.   

Buyers Responsibility:

Owning a dog is not just a privilege-it's a responsibility. These puppies depend on us for, at minimum, food and shelter, and deserve much more. If you are considering taking a dog into your life, you need to think seriously about the commitment that dog ownership entails. All dogs must be cared for daily. This means proper diet, exercise, grooming and veterinary attention.  All dogs should be regularly examined by a veterinarian and inoculated against the major infectious canine diseases.


Pet Quality:

Every puppy is strictly sold as a top quality Frenchie.

The breeder does not guarantee size.  We will give the buyer the weight of the puppy’s parents and the weight of other puppies out of that mating.  We can give the buyer an educated guess as to full grown weight, but there are many variables including genetics.  The breeder does not guarantee fertility or ability to place in shows.

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